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Relax in the warm pool water with year around temperature at 80 degree. Background CD / Radio music.  Swim at night time with water temperature about 75 degrees.

Learn how to build a swimming pool in your own backyard.

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Hawaii Paradise Services, LLC subsidiary of The Pro Connections, dba

By utilizing nature's materials from surrounding land to create a beautiful outdoor rock BBQ oven. For example, the BBQ oven costs under $100. Do It Yourself.

Yes, overwhelmed is right. We felt the same way when we first moved here: We were confused, wanted ideas, needed directions, positive and logical solutions to

help us solve paradise challenges.  Now,  I can truly say I can help by referring you to Land Clearing and Tree Removal Services Companies, who are willing to pay for my Customer Services & Consultation advice.  The result being, it's at no cost to you.

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Are you Overwhelmed with paradise problems?

Customer Service Specialist

Free Consultation with Pro Connection sources.

        Jobs all inclusive only up to $1000.  HR Ch 444

A Slide Show of our Family Resort

         Octagon pool, 21' x 40' w/ a 60' x 40' pool deck,

        Volleyball Court, BBQ area & parking lot, Gazebo

        parties) Garden Lover Lane and a back door parking             lot.  Have you ever thought about build your own                   gazebo structure without a building permit?

Learn invaluable tips on paradise Landscaping ideas. We started from a jungle environment and now have over 100 palms trees, over 30 fruit trees, Aquaponics tank and many native Hawaiian plants.

Want to build a pool or a pond in your own backyard?


For your listening pleasure...

Learn how to grow your exotic plants & trees 

            What is an Owner Builder Status?

An owner-builder is a property owner who has an owner-builder permit from the county to build or improve residential or farm structures for use either by the owner or his/her grandparents, parents, sibling or children. The owner-builder law applies to people who lease property too. Owner-builder permits are not available for industrial or commercial buildings.

Above information is taken from a leaflet from the Regulated Industries Complaints Office. For more info. please visit: www.hawaii.gov/dcca/rico 

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It's All About TRUST & INTEGRITY which are important  in a good relationship.

Our mission statements are simple: 

1) Guaranteed Quality Workmanship

2) Guaranteed Quick Service

3) Guaranteed Affordability

4) Guaranteed Satisfaction

When you're Happy,  we're VERY happy!  We are only

a call or text away.  Contact us @ 808-895-6393 and ask for Jungle Jim. 

Email: HawaiiParadiseServices@gmail.com

Established since 2006

Hawaiian Paradise Park, 

Kea'au, Hawaii, 96749

The Big Island

Save money by ​Utilizing Nature's Materials

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From Jungle to our Family Resort Home (2 acres)

First home completed construction in 2006, second home is under construction

Learn How to tackle your Paradise LAND PROJECTS with Cost Saving Solutions.

" One Call Does It All"

Pro Connections (dba) is connected with highly qualified Professional Landscapers, Land Clearing & Handyman Services.


" ONE STOP SHOP" at your convenience.

For example, build a BBQ Picnic Area 

Jim Lee, Founder of  HPS, LLC,  Owner/Builder,  Developer, Consultant, Customer Service Specialist, 

GE Bus. Lic. # W93882480-01