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Primelo Grapefruit, Chinese fruit, semi sweet

Popular White Pineapple, the best you ever have, guaranteed!

Four Mature Mango Trees

Sour Sap Tree, excellent fruit

for cold and sickness

Apple Banana Tree

Brazil Cherry Tree 5 years

Jack Fruit, a 30+ tall fruit tree with large fruit .Semi-sweet and plenty of meat to eat for the family.

Avcavado Dwarf Tree

Delicious Common Mango use for juice, pickled and consumable.

Apple Banana Trees, started with only 3-3'tall 12 yrs ago.

Aquponic System using fish waste to fertilize the various type of vegetable.  Under experimental stage at this time.

Hawaiian Oranges Tree, very sweet

Butternut Squash, wonderful stream serve with ranch dressing

Sour Sap, excellent fruit for cold and sickness

Logan, sweet, juicy and meaty

Plenty of Variety of Fruit Trees & Vegetables

All trees were planted in Jan 2006 and grown to maturity. There are 34 fruit trees , 15 vegetables types, 30 Areca palm trees, 6 Manila palm trees, 2, Washington Palm, 6 Sealing Wax Palms and plenty more Hawaiian plants.

Vegetable Garden Bed, started in 2016

Star Fruit, high yield tree

Star Fruit, sweet and large yield

Mandarin Oranges, very sweet

 after 10 years of grown